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Topic: crohn’s disease

Case study on crohn’s disease. 40year male diagnosed last 6 months. loose bowel motions. constipation for 2-3 day duration, resolved with episode of diarrhoea. Abdominal pain 3-4 hours after eating 4 times a week. Bloating 3 hours after eating, resolved after passing gas with offensive flatulence. Looks pale , feeling of fatigued, unmotivated and cold. Eyes r red and inflamed with mouth ulcers. Recently noticed joint pain in hands during the day & aching in body in morning. BMI 19. Smokes half pack of cigarettes a day. Does drink alcohol. Exercises regularly but as stopped due to declining energy levels. No medications or relevant medical history. Diet- avoids animal flesh protein as he feels in the past has made symptoms worse. Breakfast- 5 weetbix with skim milk topped with canned apricots. glass of orange jucie (not fresh). Morning snack- Handful of roasted cashews and 1 apple and cappuccino. Lunch- ricotta & spinach ravioli in pesto sauce. Dinner- Roast potato with red kidney beans in a tomato sauce with onions and garlic topper with guacamole, chopped spring onions and grated cheese. Questions need to be answered – 1- Analyse the case , include the major aspects of Mr C condition and its causes, his current diet and his lifestyle choices (200words) 2- Draw up a list of your treatment objectives(100words) 3- Select 5 nutrients /foods that you would include in your prescription . Explain the rational behind each of your choice(250words) 4- Which foods/ nutrients would you remove or limit in his diet. Explain the rational behind your choices (150words) 5- Plan a menu for one day taking into account your treatment protocol. you do not need to include weights or measures. it is sufficient to use portion (100wrords) Support answers with evidence from literature and cite all sources using the APA referencing style. One of the books recommended as a source is Clinical naturopathic medicine by Leah Hechtman .

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