Constant Health Issues and Decisions: Organ Transplants and Alternative Medicines Custom Essay

In our society, we deal with many health decisions and issues constantly. One main issue

that we deal with is organ transplants. The problems surrounding organ transplants ranges from

low shortages to who actually gets and deserves one. Another health complication is patients

relying on alternative medicines instead of doctor’s medicine and recommendations. I will

express my moral opinion about both these health issues that we face today.

The first issue I’ll be talking about is a health problem we face all over the world which is

organ transplants. One of the biggest things we deal with not just around the world but in

America is the shortage of organs. We have a lot of people who do not want to donate their

organs after they pass away. I think one of the issues is when we ask people to be donors. We ask

people to be donors when they are issued their drivers license. So we are usually asking sixteen

to eighteen year olds who are in high school if they would be a donor. I know when I was asked

if I was or would be a donor the first thing I thought of was why would I donate my organs? I

really was not informed or know the purpose behind it. Somehow people need to inform people

the reason and benefits to other of being an organ donor. So maybe going to schools and

informing high school students why they should be a donor could be a way. Another thing is

people speculate that if they would be taken advantage of if they were in an accident. So if

someone was in a car crash and they was an organ donor that the medics would kind of let them

die for their organs. This is not true; the medics will do everything in their power to keep them

alive. I can still see these people’s perspective and would be spectacle based on hearing stories of

this happening to organ donors. So one way to help solve and get more organs would be to

educate people to become an organ donor.

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