Comparison of American health care and the Chinese

Comparison of American Health Care and the Chinese Abstract The United States of America has without doubt spent a lot of money and other resources in ensuring they offer the best health care services than any other nation in the world. However when you compare the standard of health in united states and the other developed states it won’t appear in the top especially in cases of infant mortality rate and the low levels of life expectancy. The United States is not among the top nations that have a very sophisticated form of universal health services but it spends the most amount of money in the health sector. In theyear 2010 the American parliamentary congress passed a new bill labeled, regulatory reform mostly touched on insurance on the health sector. After the long debate that went down in march the bill Passed and was later passed to law by the president. However it is known the new law is not going to face any implementation up to the year 2015. On the other hand China has an in depth history of practice in medicine and health dating back to two millenniums ago. The first western medical practices were brought in to the country by missionaries from Asia around 19th century.

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