Community Health & Population Focused Nursing Custom Essay

A: Identify an appropriate community for which there is published data available (county, state, or national data) that will support the diagnosis: HIV/AIDS Epidemic in California’s Latino Population. HIV/AIDS
• prevention of HIV/AIDS, including
– sexual transmission
– prenatal transmission
– IV drug use transmission

B: Assess the health needs and risks of the identified community (from above) by utilizing the following tools: 1. population economic status assessment, 2. neighborhood/community safety inventory, 3. cultural assessment tool, 4. disaster assessment and planning guide, 5. windshield survey, 6. population health scavenger hunt.
NOTE: THE NAME OF EACH OF THE SIX TOOLS SHOULD BE IDENTIFIED IN THE NEEDS ASSESSMENT SUMMARY ALONG WITH A BRIEF SUMMARY OF HOW EACH OF THE SIX TOOLS WAS USED IN THE NEEDS ASSESSMENT. Interpret the collected data using concepts of epidemiology and health determinants (eg birth rate, death rate, rates of disease, morbidity).

C. Formulate an appropriate community diagnosis for the selected community by doing the following (suggested length 4-6 pages): c1*Identify the top three problems for the selected community based on the healthy people 2020 goals. 2020 Goals are: 1.Reducing the number of people who become infected with HIV.
2.Increasing access to care and improving health outcomes for people living with HIV.
3.Reducing HIV-related health disparities
Discuss the problems in relation to the healthy people 2020 goals.
c2*select one of the problems identified in c1 and discuss community resources (eg public health department) that are available to address this problem.
c3*formulate a primary prevention topic based on the problem you identified in part c2

D Include all in text citations and references in apa format

Please, if there is anything that needs to be clarify let me know.

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