“Communication Strategies for Nurses Interacting with Deaf Patients” Custom Essay

“Communication Strategies for Nurses Interacting with Deaf Patients” by Christine Chong-hee Lieu et.al, explains how communicating with deaf patients can be challenging for nurses. The language barrier often makes explaining a deaf patients medical situation difficult for the nurse, which leads to little or no understanding by the patient of what is happening. Providers need to understand, while paper and pen may be ok for some hearing impaired patients, it is not always an option for others. “Despite the ADA (American Disabilities Act), many hospitals staff members fail to provide interpreters for their deaf patients due largely to cost, inconvenience, or ignorance of their legal obligation” (Christine Chong-hee Lieu). There are indeed ways to break barriers between nurses and their deaf patients by understanding deaf culture, knowing deaf rights, and simply by finding the best way to communicate with the deaf patient

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