Census Data

Census Data Health and Medicine In Kings County (Brooklyn), there exists a diverse range of characteristics in terms of the population. The country’s population is estimated at 35 million as at the latest census data compiled in 2010. The data obtained shows close relation ship in the countries population and its education status, income distribution and housing provision among others. In this regard, just like in many other countries, the population enjoys a diverse range of characteristics with the majority being the young age between the ages of 18 and 40 with this accounting to over 60% of the population. In this case, a majority of the population lies within the low income bracket with a large number of the country’s wealth being controlled by a minority who mainly consist of the ageing population. According Murray and Newton (2010), the latest economic statistics show that over 60% of the country’s wealth is controlled by 20% of the population and therefore there exists wide wealth variations. As it regards education, the country has initiated policies that promote education for all and therefore a large percentage of this population is educated, say over 80% with the dream of achieving 100% education by the year 2020.

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