Assignment 2: LASA 1: Threat on Public Health Nursing Essay Help

Assignment 2: LASA 1: Threat on Public HealthA war veteran discharged from active duty is unable to receive the medical benefits that he believes he is entitled to. He also faces problems in finding decent employment, but secures a low-level, part-time position at a local water treatment plant in a Centervale cleaning facility.After several months on the job, with no benefits, he gets depressed. He also starts questioning the reasons behind the United States’ military presence in Afghanistan and Iraq. He feels that the United States is not justified in going to war with Afghanistan and Iraq. All these reasons increase his resentment toward the United States and its foreign policies.In an effort to get back at the United States, he decides to attack the water company he works for, including the canals and major water sources, such as the Colorado River. He plans to contaminate the water so that it causes major health problems or even death, thereby resulting in the destruction of US citizens.In his mission to carry out the attack on the water treatment facility, he decides to recruit another low-level coworker who, he believes, will help him. He tells this coworker the details of his plan, and the coworker initially agrees to help him. A few days before the plan is to be carried out the coworker gets nervous and notifies the local Centervale Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) office.The director of the FBI assigns you to monitor the situation and track the war veteran’s behavior to prevent a domestic terror attack. The Director expects a report on the disgruntled war veteran along with the potential methods by which the attacks on the water system might occur. Overall, your report should help the city of Centervale prepare for this type of attack.Instructions:Your final APA-formatted report should be approximately 6- 8 pages long. It should include a minimum of five reference articles about water contamination or water accessibility at local water treatment plants.As you construct your report for the Director, take the following items into consideration. 

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