Approach to Cancer Care

Cancer has been rated as the second leading cause of death especially in America. It is a complex disease that can be handled by specialists. It requires a balanced approach during treatment, where the specialists not only focus on the disease, but also consider the patient’s experience. Initially, when an individual is diagnosed with cancer, it is normally the beginning of a long journey for them depending on the extent of the cancer. For them, it would mean remaining on treatment for a long time, can cause a lot of financial and emotional constrains. This is why patients suffering from cancer also suffer from physical, psychological, social and spiritual problems (Cancer Research UK, 2015). Elimination of the disease is yet to be achieved, but applying practical approach to relief the pain of those suffering and improving the quality of their lives is very important when dealing with cancer patients. Cancer treatment services are all over the world, but scientist have proven that the best model for treating cancer is to ensure the patient is relieved of the pain associated with cancer at the same time ensuring that the disease is controlled . This approach provides a more comprehensive response to cancer (Fawcett & MacQueen, 2010). An Overview of Cancer There are more than 200 types of cancer that originate from different causes.

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