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Response to the paragraph with own opinion The initiation of the OT process at Psychiatric Hospital happens when patients come in the Emergency Room. Most of the time we do not have beds open (25 beds on the unit) right away so patients are placed in a Emergency Room area. They are placed there so they have supervision. Many on of the patients come to hospital involuntary. Many patients either come in because a neighbor or family member called 911. Most of the time it is due to psychosis, attempted suicide, or a manic outburst. If the patients were not brought into the ER with police charges they usually sign a voluntary commitment form to be transferred to the Psychiatric Hospital. There are sometimes where patients refuse to sign the form and are involuntary and there has to be a court hearing, to mandate the stay. Since the hospital is connected the OT can accesses all of the hospital notes such as the technicians, nurses, doctors, etc. The evaluation process usually starts with a general doctor then either a Psychiatrist or an APRN that specializes in psychology when first admitted to the ER. Once they are placed on a Psychiatric unit the Social worker does the initial evaluation followed by one of the three units psychiatrist. After that, the OT does her evaluation. During the OT evaluation depending on the patients ability basic questions are addressed like can they take care of themselves, where do they live, do they know why they are here, etc. Many time patients are not able to respond, can respond a little or, talk without answering the questions. If needed evaluation notes can be filled out using the other teams input in the beginning and can be readdressed in progress notes, which happens weekly. The unit is the older adult population, 50+, acute care. The OT evaluates all of the patients. After evaluating the patients they are placed into group 1, 2,or 3. If a patient is confined to their bed, highly liable, or experiencing an extreme episode of depression or mania they are 1:1. The OTs groups are at 11 am and 2 pm. Patients are not forced to go but most attend the group they are scheduled to go to. If they do not go at all that week the OT will then do at least one 1:1 session. The rest of the time is used to do evaluations, 1:1 sessions, progress notes, and team meetings. The OT also does follow up D/C phone calls, order activity/leisure supplies, complete educational packets for patients, attend rounds, order durable equipment/ adaptive equipment. The OT also uses the ACL and KELS in order to assess the patient but not during the initial evaluation. Also, any time a patient needs something or assistance the OT will help. Patients usually stay 1 -2 weeks but some patients stay longer. Patient duration depends on several things such as how well they are progressing, insurance, and if the social worker is able to set up appropriate outpatient care that is individualistic to each client.

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