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The essay is regarding Family Nurse Practitioner that I am applying to. The details and requirements are shown below. My main aim of applying to the FNP program is to help the underserved communities in Minneapolis and St. Paul cities, specially the East African community who call these cities their home. Your essay is a personal statement that needs to describe your interest in becoming a nurse practitioner Please write specifically to your chosen concentration: Family Nurse practitioner. Additionally, the essay needs to include an explanation of how you plan to use your education to affect patient outcomes. Below is a basic outline on how to arrange your essay with the key elements to include: I. Introduction II.Interest in becoming a nurse practitioner a.Explain why you chose your specific concentration b.Include any specific experiences if applicable III.Affecting patient outcomes a.Describe how you plan to use your education to impact the patients you will care for and theiroutcomes IV.Conclusion *Write approximately 2 paragraphs on your interest in becoming a nurse practitioner and 2 paragraphs on yourplan to use your education to affect patient outcomes. FORMAT The essay should be written using the following specifics: ?Times New Roman – 12 Point Font ?Total of 500 Words (approximately 1.5 – 2 pages) ?Double Spaced BE SURE TO: ?Write in a professional, scholarly tone ?Proof-read your essay ?Spell check! ?Include an introduction and a conclusion ?The use of I, me, my€ is appropriate ?Use appropriate grammar and punctuation ?Address all required parts of the essay (see outline) ?Assume your reader is new to nursing jargon ?Avoid the use of a lot of acronyms 1

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