Acute nursing – Evidence Review – Task Critique

Abstract The disturbances related to the elimination of urine are of two categories that are those that involve urinary incontinence (frequency) and those that relate to urinary obstruction (retention). Just like problems in gastrointestinal elimination, individuals that suffer from problems of urinary elimination experience discomfort and embarrassment due the disease’s nature. Nurses often provide the initial assessment, diagnosis, and the management of altered elimination of urine and the related nursing diagnoses. Impaired urinary elimination is a nursing diagnosis and treatment function for conditions involving the urethra, bladder, and ureters and the diagnosis and treatment involves the urethra, bladder, and ureters. Specifically this diagnosis and treatment involves stress, urinary incontinence, and urinary retention. This paper is going to look at urinary tract infection as a predisposing factor to urinary dysfunction by providing a brief definition and aetiology of urinary tract infection. The paper will also look into the therapeutic strategies for managing urinary tract infection that is based on evidence, the impact of these strategies on patient treatment outcomes and provide areas that require future research.

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